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Ticky, the God of Time, has accidentally shattered time and space themselves ! Fortunately, as the very god of time, many temples were erected by humans in honor of Ticky, who is able to teleport to any of them.

Your quest is to help Ticky restoring peace in all of the dimensions, but beware : you will warp to another space-time every ten seconds!

Time Warp is a mash-up between a platformer, a roguelike, and WarioWare. Each run will have you complete a series of 10-second levels, which are randomly chosen. Levels come one after the other seamlessly, and you certainly won’t have much time to figure what’s going on ! Collectible hourglasses are scattered in every level, but can you grab all of them before the next warp ? Risks and rewards ! If you collect enough of them, you might be able to level up and improve your abilities !

-   26 short stages to discover, changing for every run !
-   4 game modes so even beginner platforming players can have a go !
-   11 abilities to unlock : double-jump, air control, crushing enemies…
-   Cute-ish, minimalist graphics, yet with some nice visual effects
-  Too many 10-second music loops !

Move with the Left / Right arrow keys and jump with Ctrl, Shift, Space or even the Up arrow key !
Don’t forget to turn the sound ON as the music helps figuring out how much time you have left !
Please note that there might be a sound bug in Firefox, you might want to use Chrome instead. I’ll try and fix this.


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Awesome game!!! Very fun and addictive. The graphics and the music add a lot to the stressfull atmosphere instaured by the time rule. It also has a replayability thanks  to the hourglasses to collect, and the rng of the power-ups and the stages. Good job to the developper!

Signed Claire, from A Short Hike

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