Space Chess mixes Space Invaders-like shoot’em up genre 🛸 with the rules of chess !

Or maybe is it a mix between shoot ‘em ups and card games? Tower defense? Rhythm game? Anyway, let’s defend the world once again, using chess-shaped spaceships ! 😀

Instructions :

  • Drag cards to the battlefield to turn them into beautiful spaceships ! (using your mouse or finger, depending whether you’re using your computer or your favorite phone)
  • Drag spaceships to warp them to the bottom of the battlefield (useful to save them from destruction)

Can you beat all 16 levels without any casualties? Let’s find out !


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its a nice game here! its my first gameplay, hope you help for future updates and enjoy!

Hi ! Sorry I didn't notice your post before.
Thanks a lot for this video ! :)