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help plz when i try to launch (from itch) it get the error message: "Cannot create subdirectory in temporary directory!"

I see input method keyboard, but there seems to be no way to change it to controller. Is that correct?

Try pressing left/right. If this doesn't work (sorry !) then try using Joy2Key.

I have downloaded the game and I can't execute it :(

After Zoglu logo and "coin" effect, the game goes to black and nothing happens. I have Win7 x64

It's the first time I hear about this. The main menu should appear right after this screen, unless you have a gamepad. Could you maybe try to unplug your gamepad ?

I loved the first demo you published on your website a long time ago, so when I saw the final version here on itch, I was so happy! Really great game!

Fantastic ! Hope it's as good as you expected when playing the demo ! Have fun !

Nice game ! Even if it was a little bit difficult to control the character I really enjoyed it ! A simple but effective game, well done !

Nice, thanks for the video, which helped me understanding why you think it's difficult to control the character.
Still, you seem to get the hang of it at level 2 :)

Awesome game! Only frustrating thing is trying to control the scroll speed while trying to control character at same time

Yeah, seriously I think 3 buttons is a bit too much for this kind of platformer. Sonic only has 1 button.

Maybe you could remap keys, for instance D for jump and S for scroll speed instead? Or use a gamepad?

holy cow, i was not expecting the level of fun and polish this game has! you should be charging money for this dude!

Thank you ! Well, I do charge money for this, even though you pay what you want :p