Following your grandmother's death, you find yourself in her house. Before passing away, she asked you to send a final letter to her best friend Ed, whom neither you nor other acquaintances ever heard about.

Search for clues among the correspondence between Annabel and Ed, read postcards, old bills and poems, and gather enough information so you can send this farewell letter.

Controls : click/tap papers to read them. You can also drag them to tidy things up. 

Stuck ? : After some time, a light bulb icon will appear. Click it to reveal some tips (and spoilers).

We decided to interpret the theme as "keeping the memories alive". Most graphics are pictures taken in the house we made the game in or in the neighborhood. There are also some drawings and collages, and some made-up documents like bills or letters.
We hope you enjoy this little investigation game as much as we enjoyed working on it !


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Great game ! The visuals are really nice and I really enjoyed learning more about the characters :) (is it a Riad Sattouf character I spot on one of the postcards ? Esther perhaps ?)

Hi, glad you liked the game ! About the postcard, it is actually a collage we made from various sources during development, including Esther's head :)

That's great ! :D