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I like this game

Neat, but as others have said, not grinding for $100,000. Would literally take me all day. Might be "the point" but still.

This is good.

This was very entertaining!

does anyone know a good spot to be that can benifit you a lo


this was a fun game, i really liked it, but anyway what happens if i keep giving the beggar money? i dont think anything will happen but something might happen

Fun game :)

Thank you :)

I've never got to 100,000 but from time to time I enjoy playing it. I love the style and idea for game. uwu


Nice, thanks for this comment !

this game is so funnn, sadly I don't think I'm skilled enough to get to 100,000 if more ways to get money were added I'd try to, otherwise this game is really cool!

You don't need to be skilled. :) It just takes time. 

Actually even I don't think it's possible to get to $100,000 :)

I will put this in my collection

Very good game but needs a pause button like KrazyKey said

its a good game but is needs a way to pause


Very addictive (is a good way) !

But my man was frozen to death at 37 day.

Very nice game!

Thanks !

100... THOUSAND... dollars. Sure. Neat game, not grinding that though. 

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It shouldn't be too easy. I think the way it is now it's better.

Isn't that the point though?